WernCro… not  a word that you will find in the dictionary. That is because it is a combination of WERNer and maCRO = WernCro.

Why macro you ask? Macro photography is one of Werner’s interests.

He started by studying for a career in conservation and have since worked across South Africa. His attention to detail lured him to the world of macro (and wildlife) photography. After completing his studies in game ranch management he went on to get a formal education in photography by 2011. From this point on two worlds collided, making a career out of his passion for the environment and love of photography.

His style of photography gives you a different look into the world around you. Werner is based in Cape Town, South Africa. This region offers a wealth of locations for a portrait or family photography session.

If you like what you see go ahead and contact Werner to get a print of your favourite photos. Talk to him if you want your photos edited in a unique way, because seeing the world differently is what he does at WernCro Images.


Werner – WernCro Images